My Response from Missouri Senator Roy Blunt on GE Foods

labelingInstead of getting a response that is reasonable, I’m thrown more propaganda in response to my letter to the Senator. There are so many holes in his response it made my stomach turn. There have been NO “sound studies” of the effects of GE foods on humans that have proven them safe. The Monsanto site itself states this here. Check this out & please comment freely:


Thank you for contacting me regarding genetically engineered foods.

In overwhelming numbers, public and private-sector scientists alike support the use of biotechnology because of the remarkable consumer benefits, safety, and the ability to produce food in a sustainable manner. Through sound scientific developments subject to rigorous regulatory framework, consumers both in the United States and abroad will continue to benefit from biotechnological advances as scientists find ways to overcome vitamin deficiencies, supply vaccines, and increase production while protecting fragile natural resources.

Advancements in genetic technology in the past two decades have helped to meet the demands of the world’s growing population. The innovations that will result from biotechnology represent solutions to many of the humanitarian and environmental challenges of our time, while keeping more money in the pockets of American producers and consumers through increased efficiencies and lower food costs.

To date, foods derived from genetically engineered products have not caused a single adverse health effect, according to the World Health Organization and Food and Drug Administration. The labeling of such a product could falsely indicate a potential health risk to consumers.

Moving forward, I will continue to promote a science-based debate on how to maintain the necessary safeguards and focus our efforts to maximize safety and usefulness of this technology.

Again, thank you for contacting me. I look forward to continuing our conversation on Facebook and Twitter about the important issues facing Missouri and the country. I also encourage you to visit my website ( to learn more about where I stand on the issues and sign-up for my e-newsletter.

Sincere regards,

Roy Blunt

United States Senator

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