Cure Headaches with Aloe Vera Juice

Millions of homes have a potted Aloe Vera plant. Opening an aloe leaf and rubbing its juice on the skin speeds skin healing (cuts, minor burns, etc) by as much as 33 percent, according to research. You can also buy bottled Aloe Vera Juice in pretty much any health food store.

Drinking one to two ounces of Aloe Vera Juice daily can reduce your risk of tension headaches, says naturopathic physician Mark Stengler, N.D., author of The Natural Physician’s Healing Therapies. “Aloe vera juice is rich in salicylic acid, acemannan and glucomannan, powerful painkilling anti-inflammatories that also help relax sore, tight muscles.” If you find aloe a little bitter tasting, you can mix it with orange or grape juice to mask the taste.

Pairing your usual headache remedy with one ounce of this anti-inflammatory juice could boost your pain relief as much as 50 percent, say researchers at Philadelphia Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine.

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2 Responses to Cure Headaches with Aloe Vera Juice

  1. I have headaches often, I will definitely try this tip. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Kyung Methven says:

    Aloe vera is a succulent plant species that probably native plant originated in northern Africa. The species does not have any naturally occurring populations, although closely related aloes do occur in northern Africa.

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