Conventional, Organic or GMO?

Ever wonder if there was an easy way to find out if a particular product is Conventionally grown, Organically grown or Genetically Modified? Well, there is a way and it’s quite simple. Look at the PLU code of the item.

PLU Code

0xxxx – Applies to all non-qualified produce and is generally presented without the leading “zero” digit. These are typically the conventionally grown produce items. You will typically see them on store shelves as 4 digit PLU codes.

8xxxx – Applies to Genetically Modified produce. If you see an 8 preceding the 4 digit PLU code, avoid this product!

9xxxx – Applies to Organic produce. If you see a 9 leading the PLU Code, this is an Organic product.

If you would like to see the PLU Code User’s Guide that I pulled this from, check out the link below. It’s a direct link to the PDF that contains this and more info about the PLU Codes used on the produce you buy.

Look items up by their PLU Code at

Download and read the PDF Users Guide here:

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