Euthanasia for Children and Alzheimer Patients Nears Approval by Belgian Parliament

Euthanize(NaturalNews) A proposed law on the verge of approval by the Belgium parliament would allow children to decide for themselves whether they should be euthanized by medical personnel. Currently, Belgian law limits euthanasia to persons 18 and older, but with the rise of autistic children thanks to pesticides, GMOs and vaccines, nations are increasingly trying to figure out what to do with all these children who have been permanently damaged by the medical and biotech industries.

It’s difficult to euthanize children under current law without being charged with murder, however. So this proposed new law would allow doctors to decide whether children of any age (yes, even a five-year-old) can, themselves, “consent” to being euthanized without parental consent.

The proposed legislation calls for, “the law to be extended to minors if they are capable of discernment or affected by an incurable illness or suffering that we cannot alleviate,” reports AFP.

That story goes on to report, “Socialist Senator Philippe Mahoux, who helped draft the proposed changes, said there had been cases of adolescents who ‘had the capacity to decide’ their future.”

As the law proponents claim, it “marks a turning point in the nation’s approach to the rights of young people, some of whom would be able to choose to die if the law were to pass, even while still being legally barred from driving, marrying, voting or drinking liquor until they turned 18,” reports

It’s not just children who will be euthanized under this new law, it’s also scores of Alzheimer’s patients. “Parliamentarians would also consider extended mercy-killing to people suffering from Alzheimer’s-type illnesses,” said the senator.

Editor’s Note:
GMOs and Autism – Page 22 is the case study. There haven’t been a ton of official studies done on this yet:

Pesticides: ASD risk increased with the poundage of organochlorine applied and decreased with distance from field sites:

Vaccines – “Rimland was also concerned with what was perceived to be an increase in autism cases, and when he questioned vaccines as a possible causative link, he was placed in direct conflict with organized medicine.” This one’s pretty long, but very detailed:

There is a world of information out there for you to read. Please take the time to do your own research on these topics and formulate your own opinion based on what you learn.

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Euthanasia for children nears approval by Belgian Parliament; doctors to mass-euthanize children and Alzheimer’s patients

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